Saturday, January 02, 2010

from sands to mountains

From sands come a mountain. The Malay says 'a thread a day makes a cloth'. You know how true is that?

ever been in someone else's car? you hop on your ukhti's car, go for a god-knows-how-many-hours of journey, you stop at RnR and Mesra shops, buy food, eat this, drink that, take pictures (or like kelantanese said: pukul gambar a.k.a hit the pix), blablabla and you arrived safely at the destination. then that ukhti goes back to her place.

then, when she gets home, stops the car, pull the key and look back at the back seat... voila! welcome to the trash bin. garbage truck maybe, to be cruel. with the empty cans, junkfood wrappers, tissues, nutshells, sweets, ants, blabla and the list goes on. oh, my dear akhawat!

next scene. you go mabit or qiyam or just lepaking at an ukhti's place. watch umar mukhtar, KCB or do whatsoever thingy that you do together. you laze around, chit chat, eat and drink, then sleep. tomorrow you wake up early, solat together, read the ma'thurat, bathe, eat breakfast and leave. next thing again; voila! tornado hits the house. with the books all over the place, crumbled tissues over here, unfinished drinks in cups over there, unidentified socks, unfolded mattress, flying pillows, hairs sometimes and... the list goes on.

oh my. thats my dear akhawat.

these are all the little thingy that become bigger if we neclect it. come on la, common sense what. takyah la nak kuliahkan bebenda kecik camtu.. kalau pun kite jenis yg simple dimple like pimple, jenis "ana tak kisah pun kalau orang (read: akhawat) buat kat ana, so ana buat la kat akhawat," fikir la ape perasaan akhawat tu kena jadi tukang bersih kepada untidiness yang kita buat. these are small little things that will make people (especially akhawat) feel uneasy with us.

innamal mukminuna ikhwah. la yukminu ahadukum hatta yuhibbu li akhi hi ma yuhibbu linafsih. kalau kite tak suke org susahkan kite, so from now on kite kena janji kat diri kite untuk kurangkan kesusahan yg akhawat kena tanggung. simple things like arranging our shoes orderly; collecting our own 'unwanted papers' a.k.a tissues and sugar wrappers; putting things at their original places; making sure our socks and pens and books and tafseers and so on are in our bags; washing the dishes and blablbabla are some of the things that we can do to ensure our akhawat will not be annoyed because of us. mudah aje, tak susah pun. cuma terpulang atas kite nak buat ke tak..

from sands to mountain. yuk kita menggunungkan kasih sayang dan cinta kita sesama akhawat.

so camne? i want to raise my hands to become one of the hundreds that will try the best in doing this. who else will be by my side?


seiringsejalan said...

agree! (n_n)
jom yuk,be positive, let us menyubur kasih sesama akhwat dgn menjaga apa yang disebut "sebahagian dari iman = menjaga kebersihan".

everlasting said...


nado da belebedo said...

saye juge^^

Wan Nurul Atiqah said...

saya mahu :) rindu kak sopi.