Sunday, January 13, 2008


yesterday i met a girl. she was all alone, staring into the corner of the bus stop. everybody seemed busy, but she was just sitting there, with an empty look at the corner. 'weird', i said to myself.

i sat beside her, and asked her if she's fine or if she needed any help. without even looking at me even for a glance, she opened her mouth telling me she was devastated. many things happened in her life lately. she had lost her mom; and at the moment her father was very ill, waiting for the angel to finish his job. at that point, i could see her wiping her tears.

i feel sorry that the burden that she carries couldnt be shared. i asked her why the hell she'd just sit there. 'she was supposed to accompany the dying father', i thot to myself. 'didnt she want to be there, beside her father???' i yelled inside my heart.

and she said she just wanted somebody to be beside her. and that somebody is nowhere to be found except at the bus stop in front of her house.

i cried.

and we hopped on the same bus. thinking of home that is nowhere to be found.

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