Thursday, January 10, 2008


getting into a new routine isnt a difficult thing to do at all. imagine; wake up-solat-get prepared-40mins drive-work-work-work-get tired-40mins drive home-cook-dinner-homework-sleep. and there goes my routine each day. weekends? owh housekeeping plz. easy right?

ive juz spent a week with it. i mean the routine. guess what? it feels like a year oredi. gosh. none of those days was productive. yes, as an employee of MOE i can consider myself as very proactive and versatile. being loved by everybody, looked brilliant and enthusiastic. va va. did all my job very well, keeping and coping up with everything very fast. maklum laa, many clerical work to be finshed. anyway, good huh? newbies, u bet! unfortunately when it comes to my 'real job' as Allah's servant and a caliph, im afraid this routine will fail me. get it? ROUTINES WILL FAIL PEOPLE. that's what a scholar said.

i hate routine. i hate being routined. for those who know me, they will know this. i dont like to do things yg skema2. ehe. tp yg wajib skema i will follow la, kalo tak nnt sendiri kena makan. but living in a routined life is killing!

this is when dzatiyah becomes low. when u dont see many things and face many problems. comfort and happy living, that is. u get everything, u have everything.

hm. at least i should be thankful.
occay, promise! this afternoon im goin to search for troubles. anybody wud like to follow?
surveying new projectssss. =)


for the ones i love up there,
thanx for all the sms-es and calls and whatsoever thots and do'as for me. (if u ever imagined my face while reciting doa rabitah... =) hehe perasan)
i feel alive when i'm near you guys, and feeling even livelier when we're apart.
why? coz Allah will listen to the doa we make behind our 'saudara'.

and pardon me for being too 'santai' today.


Anonymous said...

assalamu'alaikum wbt....

selamat meneruskan perjuangan...
inshaAllah sofi kan pandai memutar-mutar bende2 yang rutin jd tak rutin... ;)

Anonymous said...

hu..never thought of that..but i learn from u, ikut kata poeple will say i'm crazy, friends will worry about my study, tapi Allah yg tentukan Allah lebih utama kan..thanx sis

Sufi is me said...

kata hati... hanya valid jika hati itu bersih... jom bersihkan hati.. hu.

papepun, we have to get a second opinion from murabbi or trusted frens. jangan bertindak ikut suka jek ye..