Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hari yang hectic tapi meaningful for me. A new day, a better one insha Allah.

i realise that actually you get more energetic when u maximise your energy. as for example, if u keep on doing physical exercises everyday, istiqomahly, you'll gain something called stamina.

yup. that's it. you have to get going. then you'll feel more energetic. and yes, i'm talking about dakwah. get yourself busier with dakwah. all the unuseful things will fade away inshaAllah.

looking for a brighter tomorrow. cant wait to see some people kat dalam hutan tuh. hahah.

for the ones i love over there, over the sea..
whom i care, whom i love solely for the sake of Allah..
may Allah tie us in rabithah..
for the place i always dreamt of..
for the time i have been waiting for..
for all the wildanun mukhalladun, filled glassess and salsabil..
please Allah, help me to remember You,
help me to thank You,
help me to beautify my ibadah to you..

1 comment:

tumun said...

ye kakak...

we need to keep ourself busy with this da'wa, for there will be other things filled the heart which is jahiliyyah obviously.

krm slm syg pd mereka di hutan itu, kerna hati ini merindui saat2 bersama mrk..