Monday, April 12, 2010

pen gwyns

someone says taqwa is like papa penguins.
he takes care of the baby-egg and never let it fall.
coz why? when the egg falls down on the ice,
the baby inside will die.

someone else says that
taqwa is like a thermometer.
it is very sensitive to heat.
taqwa is the feelings of sensitivity,
that we feel when we are doing things..
if it is the right thing,
the metre will stay put
if we are not, the metre will rise.

that is islam
we take islam and live with it
it moulds our hearts and feelings
so that they would feel the right way!

so for me
taqwa is like pulling the hair from the flour
we have to be very careful
not to let the hair lost in it,
and make sure that the flour will not spilled.

so how do we feel today?


Anonymous said...


I feel alive.

Mujaheedah said...

me tooo..