Saturday, May 23, 2009


just finished hopping on and off some blogs. some are craps, some others really gathered my pieces of past into a story to be kept beautifully in mind.

there's this gal once a good friend of mine. 'closest blood' overthere, somewhere far. we cheered each other, gag together, did silly things together and gone to places together. she haf her bro and i haf mine. we would stay awake till morning chit chatting and telling stories about ours. and for some reasons, we find our own path in life later on. she's now happily married, and i'm happily buried (in piles of work! hahha)

her mom was wonderful. heard that she's not very well these days. may Allah bless her with health and love inshaAllah.

and oh. my bro is tying the knot. she knew him too well that he would always ask me about her each time we chat at home. wow that was like years ago. hmm.. i would really like to invite her to my bro's wedding. would she come?

i wonder wether she still haf my number. remembering me as a friend, will she not.


syaFiQah said...

have a try first ;P

Kak Ell said...

supi..i ges i knw who's that someone u r referring to...
just try, she might be able to harm trying..

been thinking abt u..and abt how long we haven't met.
and how long i havn't been here
love reading ur thots..
bz deh...